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Erik Lowery, LMSW


I am Erik Lowery,

A Delaware Licensed Master’s Social Worker with certifications associated with trauma, substance use, and cognitive behavioral therapy dealing with the criminogenic need. For the last 15 years I have been providing counseling to promote mental wellness in adolescents, adults, couples, and families. For several years, I held leadership roles in non-profit agencies that serviced the mental health needs within the community and in the prison system. I enjoy all facets of the field and helping to enhance the lives of others through mental wellness. I believe that it is important to consider the footprint you leave on this Earth, rather than just becoming ash and what better way to leave a footprint than through enhancing the lives of others. Being trusted to enhance peoples’ lives is hard work. It teaches and encourages me to respect others and appreciate differences. Helping the lives of others also allows me to understand that differences between people is not only what makes them unique, but what makes them interesting. I also enjoy doing personal training and enhancing the physical aspect of one's body as well as their minds. This helps promote longevity, happiness, and focus. I have been involved in personal training for over eight years, and I thoroughly enjoy watching the positive transitions that physical fitness and health promote in a person’s life. As for me, I love family and spending time with my little one. I love Jiu Jitsu (a martial art), traveling, and I love to figure things out (i.e problem solving). I enjoy playing games like chess, Monopoly, Othello, and Scrabble to help me to relax and refocus, almost like taking a mental vacation. I am a strategic thinker, and I am particularly good at identifying resolutions to problems even when there seems that there is none. I value being able to think outside the box, especially when it comes to helping people and enhancing lives. I believe that oftentimes society puts so much pressure on us that we lose a sense of self and become consumed by what the world around us expects of us. We should be able to access our best selves and at times simply need others to help usher us down the path to our purpose.

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Crystal Williams, LMSW CAADC


Hi I am Crystal,


Crystal uses a Non-Traditional but effective approach when providing therapeutic services which creates  an eclectic therapeutic environment. 

She currently holds a Master’s in Education with a concentration in School and Mental Health Counseling. She has experience with various components of human services ranging from social services , criminal justice, child welfare,  alcohol/ substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, gang/gun violence and family/child conflict.  been providing therapeutic services for over 16 years. Crystal’s belief has and always will be “meet them where they are”! To have the ability to be a therapeutic companion is much more effective as it gives the individual the ability to trust and believe the person they’re sharing private information to will be able to validate, advocate, redirect and support them throughout the duration of the relationship. Crystal is working on becoming a LPC and a certified gambler’s addiction counselor. She currently holds a CAADC certification and is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker. She believes in promoting self-awareness and accountability as it promotes growth and development which she is able to gain from all populations she services. “I believe I’m learning and growing from others trauma, circumstances and experiences “.


Corey Blassingale, LPCMH

When individuals experience traumatic events, severe life stressors, or changes sometimes their life becomes unraveled. One of my passions is to assist with the healing process of individuals who are in need or is experiencing these events. I have helped my clients find a healthy perception of themselves, overcome adversity, and provide them with the tools to work towards their Ideal self. I understand that everyone sets of strengths, desires, and needs are different.
Therefore, maintaining flexibility and tailoring strategies for each client is important with helping them successfully achieve their personal goals.
I am License Professional counselor in Delaware with over 15 years of experience as a helping professional. I have been trained in evidence-based intervention such as CBT, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, solution focused, along with many other evidence-based and trauma informed practices. I have assisted clients with addressing many common issues like depression, trauma, addiction, ADD, PTSD, and grief.

I have provided services to individual from a diverse background that include children, adults, older adults, families, couples, LBGTQ+ and individuals living with HIV/AIDS. I take pleasure in learning new things, traveling, sports, spending time with family, and have guilty pleasure for watching movies. I am a father, husband, brother, and son. I am you. I enjoy engaging in collaborative conversations that lead clients to self-awareness, acceptance, and insight. There are times in life when we feel lost or troubled. It is at those times when we have potential for much growth and change in our life. When reaching out in counseling we can meet, sort things out, and look at what you want your life to become.

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Jacqueline Akins, LMSW CAADC

I am Jacqueline Akins.  I have worked in the mental health field for over 20 years.  In my career I have been providing community-based and family-centered support services to help strengthen, encourage and guide individuals. My passion is teaching in parent education, basic life skills, motivation, stress/depression/anxiety management. My focus is to help clients determine their level of need and commitment to developing the necessary therapeutic skills needed to improve upon their mental health issues. I have a strong background in working with criminal justice offenders, severe and persistent mental illness, and substance use populations. I am a licensed Master's level clinician and a Certified Advanced Alcohol and a Drug Counselor.


Keesha Niblack, LCSW


Hi, my name is Keesha Niblack and I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years in the field of mental health. I have worked with various populations including adults with co-occurring disorders, severe/persistent mental illness and intellectual/developmental disabilities. Through my work, I am committed to helping people overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, drug/alcohol addiction and other stresses that affect all of us at some time in our lives. My warm yet direct style and strengths based approach helps my clients overcome their obstacles and accomplish their goals. Treatment methods I use include cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness. I use my experience to create an individualized approach for each person I see. “Every new day is a chance to change your life.” 

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Jonathan Green, Master Level Intern

My name is Jonathan Green. I attend Springfield College where I received my undergraduate
degree in Human Services and will soon receive my graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health
Counseling to become a licensed counselor, and board-certified Child-Centered Play Therapist.
With over 10 years of experience in Human Service and Mental Health, I worked as a residential
counselor for adjudicated youth, performed school, home, and community based TSS work with
emotionally disturbed children, and served as a mental health technician for adults with co-
occurring disorders and compromised health.
My approach is to build and maintain therapeutic rapports with people. Equally important for me
is to treat individuals the way they would like to be treated. My life outside of work is spent with
family and friends. I am husband, father of daughters, and mentor. My spare time is spent
enjoying self-care routines, entertainment, indoor/outdoor activities, and trying new vegan
I am honored to do my practicum and internship at Shaping Minds Therapy LLC. I am confident
that my experience here will provide me with the knowledge to become a proficient clinical
therapist, entrepreneur, and inspiration to others.


Isaiah Brack,  Master Level Intern

 I am Isaiah Brack, I am a graduate student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Springfield college. In my 5 years of experience I have been involved in mental health, working mental health facilities as an associate conducting group therapy sessions while also maintain safety of patients. As an associate to these facilities  I have worked with people that are in different times of their life with a wide diversity of disorders that can range from depression to trauma or bipolar to borderline personality disorder. I am very appreciative of my experience and the wonderful people I had the chance to encounter because no matter what anyone is dealing with we all can support and help each other and connect as human beings. We are all very unique and amazing even when we lose sight of that in these trails of life others will always see how uniquely amazing you are!    I also have experience working as an register behavior technician (RBT) where I primarily work with young children and adolescents that are on the autistic spectrum. I look forward to working with so many wonderful people, I am truly grateful of the opportunity to meet you! An interest I have that I will incorporate in practice is nutrition. I believe that our nutrition is one of the key components to a healthier and joyful lifestyle. This will aid with my career and educational goals. One of these goals is to obtain my doctoral is psychology one day while gaining experience and becoming a better human service provider! I will leave you with this quote.  

“There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflect it.”- Edith Wharton 

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